The Ghats Of Varanasi & Boat Ride In River Ganges

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Ghats Of Varanasi The Holy City Varanasi as known as the city of Temples and Learning, is A Place of Great Historical Importance.   Varanasi also known as the Oldest City in the world and it’s name was ‘KASHI’ in past.  This Capital of India is situated on banks of Holy River Ganges.  It is the Heart of India    The river-Front of the city is decorated by hundred of Ghats which is unique feature.  Varanasi is the premiere most place of oriental learning. It has three universities. one Tibetan Institute and an Institute of Arabic Studies. The city is reputed for silk fabrics, perfumes, artistic brass and copper wares and a variety of handicrafts. It is an important centre of literature, art and culture. It has produced great poets. writers, musicians and scholars. This vibrant city of joy knowledge and liberation has a magnetic attraction for people all over the world.
Most of the Tourists who visit Varanasi enjoy the Morning and Evening boat ride in Holy River Ganges.
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